Extrema Ratio, located in Prato, Italy, has been designing, manufacturing and selling high performance combat ,military, kitchen, hunting and tactical knives since 1997 enjoying a reputation for excellence that is unsurpassed in the military and tactical knife industry.


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Extrema Ratio FULCRUM S BLACK.

Probably a milestone among multipurpose knives.

Employed on a large scale in Afghanistan as standard equipment by the members of the Italian mission “Nibbio”, it is part of an experimental project undertaken by the Alpine Troops Headquarters on the renewal of individual equipment.

During the preparation for this mission, the Alpine Troops Headquarters coordinated a team of companies in the realization of a new and complete experimental kit of individual equipment.

Extrema Ratio is the company that the Alpine Troops Headquarters chose for the development of a multipurpose knife suitable for the infantry, a knife that could be used in any action and that could successfully solve any type of problem even where more specialized equipment proved inadequate.It was so successful that the multipurpose knife then led to the development of the Fulcrum Bayonet, which had the same characteristics but could be fixed to the issued rifle.

The Fulcrum is an extremely robust and versatile knife, the blade can take loads over 150kg without breaking, the point is incredibly robust and the “tanto” profile means the knife can be used for long periods without affecting the sharpness of the last section, this guarantees, together with the partially sharp dorsal blade, (the civilian version does not include this), its capacity for penetration which is necessary in close combat against targets with heavy clothing, garments and soft ballistic protection.

The forward center of gravity and the weight of the blade make it suitable for heavy field work.

The speed and facility with which both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance can be carried out help to make Fulcrum an excellent choice for use on a large scale from an economic and administrative point of view.

Blade Length: 6.69″ (170 mm)
Blade Steel: Bohler N690 Stainless Steel, 58HRC
Thickness: 1/4″ (6.3 mm)
Overall Length: 12.13″ (308 mm)
Handle Material: Forprene
Includes Black ABS and Nylon Belt Sheath with Integrated Wire Cutter
Weight: 13.13 oz. (378 g)
Made in Italy


Extrema Ratio


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