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Scout 2 Black (back-up), a slim, lightweight 145 g full tang fixed blade knife with a false blade. Extremely handy and easy to carry due to its size and low weight. Developed for users who appreciate an inverted grip. The false blade is designed in such a way that it allows the thumb or the whole hand to rest in accordance with the two-knife fighting technique. An excellent tool for use on the battlefield, heavy field work, outdoor activities including bushcraft.

Requirements of the modern battlefield force modernization of individual equipment (armament) of a soldier (operator). ER company fits into this trend with a series of new generation light tactical knives for professionals: Requiem, Mamba, Scout 2, Defender, Misericordia.

Head – sharp Spear Point with a false blade increasing piercing properties. Made of good keeping sharpness, durable high cobalt N690 stainless steel with hardness of 58 HRC produced in Austrian smelter Böhler Edelstahl. The blade is chemically polished with a non-reflective MIL-C-13924 BURNISHING coating. The Plain blade has a Flat grind for excellent cutting edge geometry, extreme cutting performance. On the back of the upper jimping wedge, long notched thumb rest.

Handle – covered with lining with rubber-like properties. Made of non-slip thermoplastic elastomer Forprene (elastic return, softness, resistance to chemicals), provides a secure grip. Each side of the facings contains a single divot to provide a pivot during grip change techniques. The steel head with lanyard hole, an oval hole for the cord, can be used as a hammer or nailer for glass breaking and more…

Scabbard – lightweight, made of Kydex material in black, protects the knife from falling out and facilitates its retrieval. On both sides of the holster, a system of elastic polymer straps allows for quick attachment of the scabbard under the M.O.L.L.E. system straps. (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) or on the belt.

Technical data:
Product number: 04.1000.0481/BLK
Name: Scout 2 Black
Type of steel: Böhler N690
Blade hardness: 58 HRC
Blade length: 118.0 mm / 4.64″
Blade thickness: 5.0 mm / 0.19″
Overall length: 232.0 mm / 9.13″
Weight: 145.0 g / 5.11 oz
Cutting edge type: Plain
Blade type: Spear Point
Handle material: Forprene Black
Scabbard: Kydex Black
Manufacturer: Extrema Ratio, Italy


Extrema Ratio


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