Tournament armor.

Tournament armor


Available on backorder


Available on backorder


Although the origin of combat armor dates back to the Egyptian period, Greek and Roman medieval armor is the most famous, consisting of plates of steel or iron connected to each other by hooks, nails, which hold the warrior by means of straps and buckles, it began to be used in Europe by both infantry and cavalry. 14th century and 15th century it reached perfection. The transformation took place in the middle of the 16th century into luxurious clothing for a warrior, decorated with the beauties of sculptural art and metal industry. In the 17th century there was a significant increase in firearms, and from the 18th century they are used only as decorations for castles, palaces and museums.

The Royal Armory in Madrid houses one of the largest and richest collections of weapons in the world, and includes pieces mainly from the 16th century. century of Carlos I., from which Marto draws his inspiration and reproduces them in different sizes or scales. The materials used are very similar to the original ones, the iron and steel is crafted, the brocades imitate the fabrics of that time.

Size 200 cm.




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