MARTO – When MARTO was founded in 1961 in the old district of TOLEDO, it was necessary to recover the testimony and old techniques of sword-making, masters and artisans that for centuries had spread the fame of the name of the city of Toledo to all corners of the world. Traditional artistry, modern technology, a team of men skilled and excited by rebirth and the legendary powers of the waters of the Tagus River, where the blades were tempered, created the first high quality swords. Now, several years later, the world recognizes these pieces as MARTO PRODUCTS.

Toledo is known for its history, art and “Iron”. It is difficult to ascertain the exact date when swords and knives began to be made in the historic “city office”, but there is absolutely no doubt that this industry is as old as the city itself.

The fame of Toledo steel was rooted in the mastery with which some artists mastered tempering without any technical knowledge or tools that could remotely measure the high temperatures for such magical modification and transformation. This ability and majesty of the “Secret of Pace” have been zealously protected by all the major dames of swords in Toledo, passed down from generation to generation until today, proving that “Toledo Steel” is unique in the world.



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